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The Grip Ripper™ is an incredibly versatile and mobile device that allows you to exercise a vast array of muscles ranging from your wrist to your shoulders, and everything in between. You will feel the burn almost instantly as you go through your warm ups.

Listed below are some example exercises to get you started. The speed at which you do these exercises will determine the amount of burn you yield - play around with the velocity of each exercise to determine your level of strength.


The Grip Ripper Shoulder Training Protocol is recommended 3x per week to be performed as close as possible to the beginning of a throwing Program. The goal is to prime the Central Nervous System and increase muscle activity in the rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers.


Medical Disclaimer:


The following is a sample arm activation routine which should be used in conjunction with and under the supervision of a medical professional. Arm Fatigue is expected. DO NOT work through the pain!

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